Our Mission Statement at sj Freedom for YOU....

To assist You in Re Discovering the Real You, Your Inner & True Self &  Your Life Purpose enabling You to live a fulfilled life - 

full of Love , Inner peace,  Freedom...

health & well being on All levels -

spiritual , emotional , mental,  physical,  vocational,  financial  & inter- personal

Some of the many benefits that can be expected through Application of the tools & service provided by

sj Freedom for YOU

will enable You to.....

Reduce stress & anxiety

Remove fear & uncertainty from your life

Achieve balance in All areas of your life

Achieve spiritual , emotional , mental & physical

Well Being

Discover Inner Peace

Live from your heart with unconditional Love for Yourself & others

Enhance your self worth , self respect,

self esteem, self confidence

Know Your Inner self... the  Real YOU

Be True to Yourself

Rediscover how to use your Intuitive processes

follow your heart, listen to your gut feeling  enabling you to make correct choices & decisions in  all areas of your life

Achieve functional  fulfilling relationships  - family, partner & professional

Discover your life purpose

Learn how to fully utilise the natural Laws of Attraction  & Vibration , Cause & Effect for Your Higher good

Discover how to Empower Yourself

Become the Highest Expression of Your Self

Discover How to embrace & embody Self Mastery

Understand & Know at an Inner Conscious level exactly what it means to

Love with All your soul,heart, mind & body

& Others as Your Self...

This is The TRUTH that sets You FREE

Learn how every thought, conscious &

sub conscious has vibrational output..

ie your thoughts create your reality

Remove subconscious deep seated destructive programming & thought patterns

Take Response - Ability for everything in your life.....past, present & future

Release the underlying issues that cause self sabotage &  jeopardise all areas of life

Become self actualized, self reliant & interdependent

Live with joy & peace of the present, not with regret of the past or fear of the future

Eliminate the root cause of ill health & many diseases as many illnesses can be direct result of underlying  dis  - ease





​​​​SJ    Freedom For  YOU